Protein Bar - Fitroo Premium - Chocolate Cheese Cake

Our best-seller!
This bar will not only provide you with energy but also with a good mood for a day.
Chocolate cheesecake contains best milk and whey proteins with collagen for muscle growth and strength.


Glucose syrup, confectionery glaze (sugar, lauric-type cocoa butter substitute (hydrogenated palm kernel oil fraction), cocoa powder, soy lecithin emulsifier, vanillin flavor), milk protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, fructose, milk fat substitute ( refined deodorized modified vegetable oils, emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, antioxidants (E 304i, E 306)), emulsifier soy lecithin, hydrolyzed collagen, water-retaining agent glycerin, flavors: biscuits, vanilla, preservative potassium sorbate.


Weight > 50 gr 

Protein > 15 gr 

Fats > 8 gr 

Carbohydrates > 19 gr 

Collagen > 1 gr 

Energy Value > 207 kkal / 871 kj