Clean Hugs - Naturdeo - Good start
Clean Hugs - Naturdeo - Good start


Clean Hugs - Naturdeo - Good start

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  • Natural deodorant neutral taste

  • naturally neutralizes bacteria

  • Organic certified


Deodorant with mint and lavender

Deodorant Neutral


Without essential oils. This 100% natural deodorant contains no aluminum or alcohol. Our secret? A handmade product made from baking soda!


Thanks to its purifying action, it naturally neutralizes bacteria responsible for the bad smell of sweat.


For best results, apply to dry armpits.


Organic certified


ingredients : Shea Butter, Corn Starch, Baking Powder, Jojoba Oil, Bassu Vegetable Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E



Clean Hugs is the first French company to offer hygiene solutions specially designed for athletes by athletes!

Our handmade products are vegan, made in France from 100% natural essential oils with antifungal and antibacterial properties (tea tree, palmarosa, niaouli). No palm oil, no preservatives or artificial flavors.

It cleans and protects your skin while providing the moisture it needs after intense exercise.

You train, we take care of it.

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